Royal Leamington Spa, UK



Royal Leamington Spa, UK



Magical Moments

Dementia Friendly Events


We facilitate and create platforms that Support People living with Dementia and loved ones to stay connected in their community in order to live well with dementia through a range of dementia friendly events ;


Magical Moments™ Live Music Cafes

We design and deliver Magical Moments™ live music cafes that offer people living with dementia, and their partners and carers, opportunities to make new friends and share positive social time together in a supportive, dementia-friendly environment.


Treat Others as You’d Like to Be Treated

Our training programmes for businesses and organisations in the private and public sectors are tailored specifically to raise awareness and understanding of dementia and dementia related issues. This training will enable businesses and organisations to bring positive social value to

their relationships with their customers/clients and employees, 2 out of 3 of which will be touched in some way by dementia.

Topics covered by these training programmes include:

o Dementia awareness training for customer-facing employees

o Delivery of Person-Centered Care

o “Is your organisation dementia friendly?”

o “Why Music and Dementia?”


Fighting Inequality

We provide professional consultancy services to help businesses and organisations understand, better, the growing importance of integrating dementia and dementia related issues into their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agendas and human resources strategies and



The Yellow Bridge was driven by the dementia friendly, music-orientated, model created by Linda O’Sullivan (Founder and Director of The Yellow Bridge) as a result of her own experience as a carer for someone living with dementia, and her successful track record in bringing together businesses and organisations to provide a new value-added approach to supporting people living with dementia, and their partners and carers, in such a way as to make a real difference to people’s lives.


The overwhelmingly positive feedback that Linda received from both her direct clients and the community encouraged Linda to create the Yellow Bridge as a socially responsible business founded on strong social values.​



Dementia is Everyone's Business 


Linda O’Sullivan Founder & Director


 Linda is an national award-winning speaker and influencer, with a passion for getting it

right for people living with dementia and for helping create communities that care.

 Linda was awarded a place at The West Midlands School for Social Entrepreneurs where she has been mentored by Lloyds Bank and supported by The Big Lottery to help ensure her idea becomes a reality for people with dementia.

 Linda is both passionate & knowledgable about the need to create communities that care compassionately about the people that live together in community, as this really is everybody’s business.

Our Vison


The Yellowbridge works to create communities that recognise there is so much more to the person with dementia than …dementia. We want to create platforms through which we invite & empower the person with dementia and their families to have an opportunity to be seen and remain in relationship with others who understand that Dementia does

not define people.


We rely on volunteers and musicians who are passionate about raising awareness of dementia and ensuring we provide support services that are part of community life,  If you share our vision, please read more about us and how to get involved.

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